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We design and implement intelligent lighting control and comprehensive management of homes and buildings.

In lighting, we specialize in control systems based on DALI and DMX such as HELVAR, LUNATONE and LOXONE.

We implement smart homes mainly with the LOXONE home automation system.


Loxone is a simple solution for intelligent control and automation of projects of all kinds: from individual devices through smart homes to large buildings and complexes.

A smart house or apartment with Loxone will save you 50,000 tasks and give you more time to live. Finally a home that thinks and acts like us. It takes care of us according to the season, the weather and our lifestyle.

A truly intelligent house will take care of most of the tasks around security, comfort or savings. At the same time, it gives us maximum control and does not violate privacy.

Smart lighting

Light significantly affects orientation and aesthetics, but also has a significant effect on our health, mood and
productivity. The right choice of light source, its color and intensity is the key to success. Loxone can integrate different light sources and combine them with each other.