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We will suggest the most suitable lighting solution for you

If you are not sure about the choice of luminaires, technology or power and the number of light points, we will be happy to help you and suggest the most suitable lighting solution that will correspond with your ideas as much as possible. We will choose adequate luminaires and control systems for you, whether taking into account price, efficiency, simplicity or unique design.

Economy, environmental impact and design

In lighting projects, we focus primarily on design efficiency. This means that the priority of the project is its economical operation with a positive impact on the environment (done by saving energy, as well as by choosing materials). The biggest advantage of our luminaires and the designs themselves is their low electricity consumption, extremely long operating time (operating life) and their design. Light is an inseparable part of our lives, so why not to pay more attention to it than usual. We will thus contribute to the improvement of our surroundings, which has a positive effect on our mental well-being and the environment around us.

We implement 2D and 3D visualizations of interior lighting projects on the basis of ideas and documents from the customer or architect. When designing, we use Dialux and Relux software to calculate lighting parameters, which allows us to calculate the parameters of the future lighting system. The calculation ensures that the system will meet the hygienic standard for lighting work spaces or the client’s idea.

When renovating lighting, we can guarantee you the same or higher intensity of illuminated spaces when switching to LED technology. It is possible to agree with our technicians on the measurement of the current state of lighting, then on the basis of the calculation program we will design the most suitable replacement for obsolete luminaires and after installation we will perform a confirmatory measurement.

The customer has the opportunity to look into his future building (apartment, office, shop or garden) and get a true idea before the actual implementation, which allows us to avoid many unwanted problems appearing only in the completed project.

It will be our pleasure to transfer the proposed LED solutions from paper to your switch. Our experience with LED technologies will be your guarantee for a flawlessly functioning modern lighting system.