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With our partner company, we will provide you with a professional consultation, inspection and design of plasterboard ceilings, partitions and other parts of buildings. The assembly itself is performed by experts with many years of experience. The advantage of the joint implementation of plasterboard together with the lighting project is the perfect interplay of the construction process from the preparation of electrical installation, plasterboard installation, preparation of the position of luminaires, the necessary reinforcement of plasterboard and thus prevent project conflicts.

  • Assembly of plasterboard and milled SDK prefabricated parts.
  • Plasterboard ceilings and partitions.
  • Implementation of plasterboard attic and tiling.
  • Mounted and coffered soffits. In addition to the standard 600x600mm basic cassette, we also provide more demanding implementations.
  • System of connecting plasterboard walls and glass modules.
  • Acoustic soffits absorbing sounds and noise, or insulating soffits.
  • Plasterboard soffits for cooled ceilings.
  • Fire resistant soffits and partitions.
  • Safety partitions and soffits made of plasterboard.
  • Painting work and special wall finishes.