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Production of exceptional luminaires of unique shapes and designs. We offer a unique way of manufacturing manufactured lamps from various materials such as wood veneer, solid spruce, gypsum, cardboard, glass, textiles and others. Each piece is original made by the hands of skilled masters and architects.

We sew line LED luminaires to suit the illuminated space. Together with the customer, we will design the placement of individual light lines and objects in the space and, based on the purpose for which the space is intended, we will design LED modules and accessories. In this way, we achieve the correct lighting of the space and at the same time a design solution.

Tailor – made ceilings with imitation of the night sky – starry sky. The installation consists of the installation of plasterboard, the installation of optical fibers and LED projectors with control and subsequent painting.

Luminaires of various shapes and dimensions made of optical fibers.

Decorative lighting of floors, walls, gardens and swimming pools by using optical fibers. Production of recessed and surface-mounted gypsum lamps of various shapes and dimensions. Light ceilings with colored or white LED backlight from stretched foils. Unique and very homogeneous lighting of the whole room. Either the entire ceiling or the walls are lit. We will create luminaires of various shapes and colors for you. The foil can also be printed with any image, which can mimic, for example, the daily sky, the brand of the company, or various images and so on.

It is possible to form, for example, a corrugated backlit ceiling or a round luminous column, or luminous blocks attached to the ceiling and many other shapes from the foil.