SaB 2016 – Slovak return to nature

Contribution to the magazine Construction and housing –  July/August 2016
Man is an integral part of nature and nature is an integral part of our lives. It significantly affects our health, mental well-being and quality of life. With today’s rate of urbanization, ie a massive shift to the big cities, man is moving further and further away from nature and its positive effects. All this is further enhanced by the trends of the last decade, in which the interior is led to excessive cleanliness and color sterility. White or gray elements and cool anticorrosion predominate everywhere. Colors and the associated emotions, pleasant atmosphere, comfort or absolute harmony then disappear from life.
Architects and designers are also aware of this fact, who are also beginning to feel the deficit of nature and are trying to return individual elements of materials back to the interior. Once again, they are beginning to lean towards original materials with a rich structure, such as wood and stone, which contributes significantly to the change in perception of design. The combination of wood and glass is also becoming modern, while maintaining the artistic balance of accessories. This applies to all sectors from floor to ceiling, with the exception of luminaires. They represent an inseparable part of the interior, both in terms of their functionality and their spatial part. The often underestimated quality of light can spoil the overall impression of the interior, even if, on the other hand, there will be the highest quality materials from reputable brands. Improper lighting can turn the whole result to the detriment of the user.
A piece of nature to your home
The new trend of returning to nature is largely supported by the Slovak brand Trilum, which produces wooden LED lamps with optional wood veneer. They are based on many years of experience in the field of lighting and combine state-of-the-art technology with nature. This creates a harmony of utility and aesthetics. Each lamp passes through the hands of experienced masters with maximum respect for the final product and all the details. The variety and variety of living materials is fully complemented by quality light with strictly selected LED technology. The luminaires are compatible with intelligent systems and can be dimmed in full, thus setting the appropriate light intensity, or a complex light scene. With the purchase of the product, the customer will bring home a piece of nature.

LEDCO (Construction and housing – July 2016 – Slovak return to nature)

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Slovenský návrat k prírode - exkluzívne drevené svietidlá vyrobené na Slovensku
Slovak return to nature – exclusive wooden lamps made in Slovakia