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Unique light ceiling

The main requirement of the client was exceptionality. They did not identify with any standard lamps and no full-area ceiling lowering with the aids of plasterboard was planned, i.e. it was necessary to use only electrical outlets made during the construction of the building.

  • Design: LEDCO s.r.o.
  • Implementing body: LEDCO s.r.o.
  • Date of implementation: 2015

After the initial meeting with the investor, all the guides for dealing with the demanding task were collected, with the last requirement for the overall connection of the kitchen and living area, taking into account the lighting design of electrical appliances. It resulted into two offered alternatives for the solution of light ceilings using stretched film – Barrisol. The investor automatically chose the first variant – a multi-level light ceiling, the choice of which they emphasized by explaining that we had completely materialized his ideas. The lighting system consists of several light blocks with high-quality LED light sources, divided from the point of view of regulation into three parts – the living area, the dining area and the common line. RGBW technology was inserted into the common line, which enables color accentuation of the premises, as well as functional illumination of the kitchen space. The entire lighting system is controlled via a touch LED panel, which allows overall control from one place, without the need to search for a remote control. To increase the comfort of controlling the Barrisol, a  WIFI converter was also implemented, making it easy to connect with a smart smartphone and an intuitive application.

The light comfort has gone a step further again…