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Unique LED lights in the shopping center

Based on the interior design and the overall design of the manual for the Eurovea shopping centre in Bratislava, it was necessary to select and design atypical lamps for the first phase of the project of reconstruction of public toilets and surrounding roads. All the documents had specific requirements, so all that remained was to transfer the proposals from paper to reality.

  • Implementing body: LEDCO s.r.o.
  • Date of implementation: 2018


The main central lamp at the entrance to the toilets became a custom-made light ceiling with stretched film – Barrisol backlit with LED matrix technology. The even distribution of LED technology guarantees symmetrical and homogeneous lighting. For such a large size, it was necessary to create a body of plasterboard prefabricated parts from the company Easyboard, which was illuminated around the periphery with an additional LED strip.


Another difficult challenge was to produce custom-made lamps in a triangular shape in four designs. The basic load-bearing structure for all four variants became specially shaped aluminum with a final RAL surface treatment. Of the four types of triangles, two are luminous, with milky pure white PMMA perspex and a special perspex with a blue tint. For surface backlighting, we designed LED modules with ultra-wide optics for this case, which were the only ones that met the criterion of a maximum lamp depth of 60 mm. This guaranteed the economics of the design both in terms of electricity consumption and investment costs.

The last two types of triangles were decorative with a mirror effect and artificial grass. The requirement for a mirror effect posed an increased risk when using a conventional glass mirror, and the self-adhesive film in turn showed unevenness and defects in reflection. The solution was a special PMMA theft, which was safe and significantly lighter than glass.


As additional lighting for the triangles were used line lamps in the ceiling lamella parts and in the milled rabbets of the plasterboard walls. Ceiling lines had to meet the requirement for higher luminous flux, so we assembled lamps to measure from fixed LED modules and the selected suitable aluminum profile. The LED lines on the walls only fulfill the function of design lighting, i.e. a suitable ratio of the power of the LED strip and the density of the LED chips to a given depth of the LED profile has been selected.


The overall concept of LED lighting looks very dynamic, fresh and, most importantly, unconventional, which was also the goal of responsible architects and designers. In order to underline the intended freshness even more, we set the chromaticity temperature, i.e. the white color temperature, to 4000K. In this light, white is white, blue is blue and especially the customer does not have the impression that he came to the yellowed old public toilets.