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Stretched ceiling in the living room

A visually simple project of the apartment illumination using a light ceiling and LED matrix technology as the main illumination source for the living space. The customer receives natural lighting reminiscent of a ceiling skylight or the sky. On request, we also installed the dimming of LED modules for the client, so he can adjust the light intensity to the current situation. The finely inserted stretched film enhances the impression of the ceiling skylight and also suppresses the perception of the technical gap between the film - Barrisol and the plasterboard ceiling. Barrisol was delivered in a matt white version. To supplement the lighting above the wall with the placed TV, we added a LED strip to the pre-prepared SDK niche and thus induced indirect light illuminating the structure of the wall. In the kitchen, we wanted to continue with the set minimalism and clean lines, so we chose a thin LED line in the form of an LED profile and a special power LED strip with a width of only 4.5 mm as the main lighting. All this is milled into a pre-prepared gypsum plasterboard with a groove suitable for an aluminum profile designed for LED strips.

  • Implementing body: LEDCO s.r.o.
  • Date of implementation: 2015