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Starry sky in antique style

Exclusive lighting project for the Cezar game room in Piešťany with a historic antique interior. We cooperated with the investor on the project from the very beginning, where it was necessary to coordinate all the preparatory electrical installation and plasterboard work with the exact positions of the lights in the space. Another important factor was the custom-made antique columns, cornices and frescoes. Everything had to fit into one whole, which all professions were aware of.

  • Architect: Ing. Ivan Glajch
  • Implementer: LEDCO s.r.o.
  • Implementation date: 2016

Starry Sky

As for the lighting requirements of the game room, the aim was to create a pleasant atmosphere, highlight the architecture and get a sense of return to history. After consulting with an architect, we filled all the ceiling parts with a starry sky made of small LEDs, which are powered separately and can also be dimmed. For a perfect simulation of the night sky and twinkling stars, we have divided the LED chips into four separate circuits, and each of these circuits is dimmed separately with a programmed dimmer. The starry sky was installed directly in plasterboard, which was sprayed with a special black matt paint before assembly. This intensified the stellar or even darker color, faithfully imitating the night sky.

Column lighting

The biggest feature of the space are the huge ancient columns with beautiful architectures. Of course, we wanted to highlight these, for which we used recessed ground LED RGB reflectors, where, according to a joint agreement with the investor and the architect, a precisely specified color was set. Of course, with various special events, it is possible to change the color to any with the help of the control panel, but with an emphasis on maintaining the intention and elegance, we did not recommend it.

Additional lighting

The spatial impression of the lighting is complemented by accentuations spot lighting of wall plastic graphics and frescoes. In this case, we selected only suitable LED downlights with a narrow beam angle, suitable for lighting individual parts. An important task was the lighting of the bar part, where the front part of the bar counter was lined with a beautiful 3D tiling with an antique motif. Here we used LED strip with enough power to highlight the depth and shape of the tile. The specialty for the project was to simulate the real fire of wall torches, where we used a special lamp with a flickering effect with a fabric driven by an internal fan. In addition, we made custom wall brackets.

Exterior lighting

The investor wanted to emphasize the entrance to the new Cezar casino as much as possible so that it would be visible and easily identifiable. For functional lighting of the access sidewalk, we have designed ceiling mounted luminaires designed for the exterior.

Furthermore, we only played with the lines that we filled with exterior RGB LED strips inserted into the ALU profiles.

Used in the project