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Night garden lighting

Project of design and implementation of exterior and garden lighting of a modern family house. When lighting the outdoor areas, we used modern and economical LED lights with an emphasis on the minimalist style of the entire space.

  • Proposal: LEDCO s.r.o.
  • Implementer: LEDCO s.r.o.
  • Implementation date: 2019

By choosing the anthracite color of the luminaires, we created a contrast with the white background of the walls and thus let the luminaires stand out as a certain design element of the exterior. To illuminate the access roads, we used pole luminaires of lower height together with wall luminaires in the area of the staircase and on the facade. As an interesting and effective addition to garden lighting, we used recessed ground LED lights, which illuminated the trees lining the land.

We have placed LED light balls of various sizes in remote corners of the plot for simplicity of the solution. In addition to the glowing balls, we also lit the pond with a tree and a bridge with garden ligths, which tastefully complete the evening atmosphere. For the backlighting of the bridge, we used custom-made LED profiles with a watertight encapsulated LED strip  for the possibility of outdoor use.