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Modern lighting in an exclusive house

In cooperation with the GRUNT STUDIO studio and the architect Ing. arch. Matúš Gális we illuminated a modern design piece among family houses. The interior in a combination of white and anthracite colour together with wood harmonizes beautifully with simple lines and we believe that the lamps in the interior and exterior or various backlights and accessories also fit tastefully into this concept.

  • Architect: GRUNT STUDIO
  • Implementing body: LEDCO s.r.o.
  • Date of implementation: 2017


The common area formed by the living and kitchen part was created with a rugged wooden ceiling, which inspired the idea of ​​highlighting it even in the evening. After several tests, we selected milled corner aluminum profiles with LED strips connected to dimming, thus providing both main and indirect lighting. At the same time, the structure of the wood was beautifully drawn and another way of illuminating the living room could also be completely omitted. The only additional lighting is powerful LED illumination of the green wall, which drew the whole interior even more into nature. In agreement with the architect, we wanted to fill the space above the kitchen island with something special, which would, so to speak, float and soften the overall space. A clear choice was the circular lamps from Vibia, which we placed asymmetrically over the entire width of the kitchen island.

Staircase lighting and various other backlights, whether in the bedroom or in the bathroom, we prepared to measure with the furniture makers, which was sometimes not easy at all due to the complexity. We made the lights mainly from aluminum profiles and fitted them with suitable LED strips.

The bar counter is illuminated by elegant cut cylinders made by LABRA. These luminaires are strikingly reminiscent of bamboo wood and, with their spotlight, effectively illuminate the worktop without lightening the people in the room. A series of spotlights recessed in the plasterboard ceiling from the Spanish brand LEDs-C4 stretches through the whole house. The frameless black lamps tastefully illuminate the entire interior with their inconspicuousness and elegant design, and it is possible to direct the beam of light either on the walls or downwards.

Stylish switches and electrical installation material from the renowned Belgian brand NIKO were just the icing on the cake.


Perhaps the most eye-catching lamp is the ceiling in the lounge. Yes, a light ceiling and not a small lamp. The whole room is fitted with stretch light-transmitting film Barrisol. Inside, under the film, we have installed our patented  LED technology for backlighting large areas. The entire ceiling can be dimmed to create a pleasant lighting that does not shine strongly from one point but evenly illuminates the entire room. This form of lighting resembles staying in daylight and, as in nature, the colour of the light can be combined and controlled depending on the mood of the users or the current position of the sun in the sky.


In the exterior, we used wall and ground Kapego LED lights to illuminate the facade, various trees and accessories in the garden.