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Modern lighting in a furniture store

Modernization of lighting in the KANAPY furniture store. After the initial consultation and implementation of lighting calculations, lighting for the premises was designed, mainly from various types of LED lamps, supplemented in some places by fluorescent sources. 6W and 9W recessed LED lights were used as the essential element of the illumination in combination with LED wallwashers, supplemented by a green backlight of the ceiling and the central column highlighted by a colour combination. The color shade was chosen based on the logo-type used by the investor.

  • Architect: KANAPY Interiér
  • Implementing body: LEDCO s.r.o.
  • Date of implementation: 2013

Track LED systems with high variability of light cone setting were used to illuminate various sales expositions. Hanging LED lamps with a design aluminum construction were designed above the sales counter. Different types of laminate and wooden floors are optically divided by an aluminum transition strip with a fitted LED strip and covered with a milky PVC diffuser. The presentation of the door was refreshed by a pleasant backlight using recessed LED lights in the space of the transition threshold.
The staircase was complemented by stylish LED lights, for direct illumination of parts of the stairs. LED wall lamps with the possibility of changing the angle of illumination were used to highlight the works of art.

Used in the project