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Modern LED lighting in nature

Modern architecture sensitively embedded in beautiful nature was a small challenge for us regarding the lights to be used in order to complete the design in the interiors and at the same time illuminate them purposefully. The lighting project in the embrace of beautiful nature began with a tour of the space and a direct consultation with the investor. It was clear from the overall communication that the emphasis would be on elegance with the necessary dose of functionality. There was also a demand for modern and economical LED technology with a high index of quality parameters.

  • Architect: APEX A s.r.o.
  • Implementing body: LEDCO s.r.o.
  • Date of implementation: 2016

The communication areas, bathroom and kitchen were illuminated by elegant surface-mounted lamps from the Italian brand. The working space in the kitchen area was illuminated with an LED ALU profile with a powerful LED strip, which ensured light comfort during any activity. The lower plinth of the kitchen unit was also accentuated by an LED strip in a flat ALU profile. For the main day and at the same time living part, three alternative lamps were prepared, where the investor chose a quality Italian brand FLOS and its family of lamps consisting of a pendant lamp and four surface-mounted spotlights with LED light sources.

The spiral staircase inserted into the tube offered the possibility of pleasant lighting using a light ceiling – Barrisol, where the main white lighting was supplemented by RGB LED lighting and thus the customer can color the staircase according to individual requirements. In the night part on the first floor, milled ALU profiles installed in the roof break were used together with the use of high-quality LED strips. Exterior lighting plays an important orientation – safety role, as there is no public lighting in the area.

The terrace was positionally bounded by recessed LED lights and the space was illuminated with suitably placed LED wall lamps using motion sensors.