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Modern house with LED lines

  • Investor
  • Ledco s.r.o.
  • 2019

Track LED lamps are an optimal variable lighting solution, especially in shops and various boutiques. They are suitable for lighting displayed goods, paintings, sculptures and decorations. We think that this tip worked out well and the lamps fit very well into the wooden interior in combination with black. In addition, it gives the customer the opportunity to rearrange the lights according to their own needs. Whether to strongly illuminate the worktop of the kitchen unit, to illuminate the dining table or to draw attention to the wooden interior.

Beautiful natural wood extends throughout the interior. We complemented the modern wooden lines with light LED lines made of aluminum profiles in black, so that they fit as much as possible into the gaps between the slats and elegantly complement the design and at the same time create a pleasant and efficient home lighting.

We achieved an interesting effect by using light lines in the corners of the rooms. With an inconspicuous corner LED profile with an angular opal cover, we created moody so-called accent lighting in the living rooms.

When illuminating the corridor, we used recessed aluminum profiles with a fitted LED strip, which optically divided the corridor into certain segments and it does not look dull. The lines sufficiently illuminate the corridor space and it is possible to adjust their intensity according to the customer’s needs.

For example, a motion sensor together with an ambient light sensor can be built into such an installation. In this case, it would be possible to adjust the lighting, e.g. so that the LED strips would not shine in the hallway during the day and would automatically light up to some low light level at night (e.g. 1%). Subsequently, when motion is detected, the lighting can be amplified to full level. The mentioned method of lighting control is especially suitable if you have small children in the household who have a problem finding the toilet at night (they can’t reach the switch,…). The so-called anti-panic night lights can shine in the corridor all night.

On the contrary, strong lines cross the children’s room and the bedroom are the main lighting element of the rooms. With the use of structural aluminium profiles for the production of lights, there are no limits to lengths and variations.

We illuminated the outer terrace and the cover of the house with exterior ceiling lamps of a simple shape. They fit elegantly into the design concept and do not disturb the overall appearance of the family house.

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