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Line LED lighting in a flat

The design and implementation of LED lighting together with plasterboards allowed the pilot implementation to use an ultra-thin LED profile with a narrow LED strip as the main source of illumination in the living room and entrance hall. This allowed us to use plasterboard prefabricated parts with a pre-milled groove to the exact width, which then allowed us to directly insert the ALU profile without demanding preparation on the construction site. The LED lighting is completely dimmable and one multi-channel remote control is used.

  • Design: LEDCO s.r.o.
  • Implementing body: LEDCO s.r.o.
  • Date of implementation: 2015

The entrance hall was complemented by minimalist recessed LED lights, which in combination with a motion sensor perform the function of night lighting. This saved costly redesign of the sidewall installation.

In the kitchen, a series of small LED spotlights was supplemented by indirect backlighting of the plasterboard niche. The main illumination of the worktop was provided by a proven high-performance LED strip in a LED profile.

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