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LED lights in the lobby area in OC Eurovea

The next stage of the interior reconstruction in the Eurovea shopping center was the escalator spaces, which serve mainly as entrances from the underground garages. Customers already subconsciously perceive all spaces when getting out of the car and going to the first escalators, which indirectly affects them positively or negatively. Lighting also plays an important role in this.

  • Implementing body: LEDCO s.r.o.
  • Date of implementation: 2018


As in the previous stage, the design was significantly influenced by the interior design. Again, the main domain of the luminaires was the irregularly spaced, tailor-made LED triangles made using Triumph precision CNC machining centers. Qualitatively, the polycarbonate diffusers made of PMMA from the renowned German brand were not underestimated either. It offers optimal transmittance while maintaining perfect light uniformity.
As part of the LED technology, we again used fixed LED modules with Samsung chips, with special wide-angle optics for perfect light scattering at a given height of luminaires. The same principle is used in modern LED screens and displays.
For the designed graphics, LED lines with high-quality LED strips were irregularly arranged along the walls. The ceiling plasterboard part was supplemented with aluminum profiles with LED modules and branded LED power supplies Osram and TCI.


The color combination itself, irregular layout and high-quality LED lighting make the space extremely fresh and modern. Thanks to the interplay of design and lighting solutions, it was possible to transfer the positive perception of the shopping center to the lowest floors and garage lighting.


For comparison, we offer you to view photos from the original state, in which one will say that it was worth it. Old fluorescent lamps – downlights no longer fulfilled their purpose, frequent changes of light sources got sources that did not belong there at all. The wrong color of the light and excessive contrasts of bright dots and dark unlit areas reduced visual comfort and thus indirectly affected customers as they entered the shopping center.