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LED lighting of a shop

The aim of the project was the thematic LED lighting of the store with luxury underwear in attractive colours for the gentler halves. The project consisted of the essential LED lighting, design lines, backlit sales cubicles and counter lighting.

  • Design: LEDCO s.r.o,
  • Implementing body: LEDCO s.r.o.
  • Date of implementation: 2017

Project assignment

The client came up with a request for intensive lighting of sales items and design division of a large hanging wall. By choosing a black wall finish, the demand for lighting has doubled, as black does not contribute to light reflections, but absorbs it considerably. The goal of the black environment was to create the maximum contrast between the sales assortment and the surrounding area.

The project of the shop illumination was simulated and calculated in the Dialux program so that the operation meets the hygienic standards of the minimum lighting intensity. With the supplied calculation, the investor gained the certainty that the space would be lit as required by his request. The substrates were also used for the approval of the premises and subsequent commissioning.

Technical solution

The already mentioned essential element of the LED lighting of the store are track lamps in black. We adapted the lighting technical properties to the nature of the environment to achieve bright and lively colours. Chromaticity temperature – the white colour temperature was set at 5700K with a colour rendering index Ra> 90. This combination was a guarantee of attractive, eye-catching colours of the luxury underwear. The method of lighting the sales cubicles was also very important, where several tests were performed on the placement of powerful LED strips with suitable parameters, placed in aluminium profiles.

Another difficult task was to choose the right lighting for the changing room. We also tested the space, which undergoes extensive lighting tests and surveys by large corporations, and the winner was side line lighting combined with indirect backlighting of the mirror. Here we have already bet on a softer light because of the direct shining on the customer.

In the end, we were left with only the design elements of the store space. The task was to break the large wall next to the cubicles, which we achieved with RGB LED strip in special ALU profiles and to choose a suitable pendant lamp above the sales counter.

For the given project, the LED lighting of the shop has proved to be very important again and it directly contributes to the saleability of the products.

Used in the project