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LED lighting in a pure design

An elegantly timeless family house in the heart of Slovakia was a small challenge how to deal with lighting and not disturb the inner beauty of the interior. During the first inspection, where the issue of the sloping ceiling was intensively discussed, the investor and I went through his ideas and our recommendations. The only condition from the customer was minimalism and elegance. They left everything else entirely within our competence.

  • Architect: m8arch
  • Implementing body: LEDCO s.r.o.
  • Date of implementation: 2015


The lighting project began with the light-technical assessment of the atypical space and the purpose of specific rooms. Due to the rounding of the outer peripheral walls, we chose the round shape of the lights. We entrusted the main lighting in the living area to the woodLED light we produce with a diameter of 1200 mm. The light is fully dimmable with the usual 1-10V and Dali standards, so it is possible to precisely adjust the light intensity and thus ensure light comfort in every situation. WoodLED was supplied with a white matte finish to keep the ceiling clean. Spatial peripheral lighting was solved by plaster lights with a drowned LED light source. Such a design solution prevents the creation of unpleasant side glare from powerful LED lights. By choosing the right angle of radiation, the space around the fireplace is pleasantly accentuated and in the evening the space is optically enlarged and visually pleasing.


The kitchen space is purposefully illuminated by the same plaster recessed lamps as in the living room and they are spatially distributed symmetrically to the ground plan of the kitchen unit. Adding a little light is implemented by an ALU profile and a powerful LED strip under the top bar desk. The beautiful dining table with antique chairs is illuminated by a pendant LED lamp of light and airy construction. As a result, the light does not attract attention by being too massive, but it is interesting in terms of design.


The lighting of the communication areas was carried out by two types of lights, where the continuous part with the dining room was supplemented by the same LED lights as in the day part, the transverse corridors are illuminated by an ultra-thin light line (line width only 7mm). The mentioned solution only underlined the modernity of the architecture and fully illuminated the communication spaces to the night parts of the house.


All three rooms were designed using main central and side accent lighting. This was implemented by raised plasterboard niche and backlit by a high-quality LED strip of suitable intensity.

Used in the project