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Illumination of the restaurant Bianka

Illumination of the restaurant Bianka in the village Veľké Zálužie near Nitra. 3W LED recessed lights were designed and installed as the basic lighting for the entire premises. Taking into account the interior design, a warm colour of light (3000 - 3500K) was chosen, which completed the pleasant home atmosphere of the catering and relaxation facility and thus made the time spent in the restaurant more pleasant for the customers.

  • Implementing body: LEDCO s.r.o.
  • Date of implementation: 2011

The panoramic glazing of the ceiling part was highlighted by RGB reflectors (wallwasher), which complete the evening atmosphere of either official or unofficial meetings. If necessary, it is possible to adjust the colour of the lighting with the remote control to the colour decoration of the interior elements. The front of the bar counter was illuminated with designer wall-mounted LED lights.

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