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Illumination of the exterior with RGB lights

The illumination of the former Bishop's Inn building in the city park in Sihoť in Nitra with RGB LED lights. The bishop's inn was built in 1831 by Bishop Jozef Wurum, where at that time it served as a picnic inn and a bath. Later, the building was rebuilt into a café. After many years of decay, this cultural monument has received a new face. It serves as a restaurant and café for the general public, but also for a closed company for various social events.

  • Implementing body: LEDCO
  • Date of implementation: 2015

LEDCO s.r.o. designed and supplied effective facade lighting with intelligent control. Based on pre-developed 3D visualizations, the client decided on the proposed variant with colour RGB lighting.

The advantage of this solution is the ability to individually adjust the colour illumination of the building with respect to the ongoing event. Warm white is used as standard, which suits the overall appearance and typology of the building. At corporate parties, celebrations and weddings, various light scenes are used, which can be matched to the colour of the decoration or to the company’s trademark.
The individual columns on the facade of the building are illuminated by ground RGB reflectors. The colour and intensity of the lighting can be set individually for each ground lamp (each pillar). The lighting can be static or can be changed based on prepared programs. The whole system communicates via the DMX standard (standard for scene control). The individual light scenes are programmed according to the client’s requirements and triggered on the basis of a time schedule, or manually using a remote control.

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