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Elegance in light

An elegant lighting project using TRILUM recessed LED downlights and shape-dynamic lights of various design brands. The investor's request was to use energy-saving LED technology and high light quality. In addition to direct savings on electricity, the great advantage is minimal direct heat radiation and the associated overheating of the space. The result would be an increased load on the air conditioning unit, which would be reflected in the total electricity consumption.

  • Implementing body: LEDCO s.r.o,
  • Date of implementation: 2016


The essential element of the living room is a timeless lamp from the prestigious Italian brand Artemide, which gives the space a hallmark of quality and aesthetics. For functional lighting, double frameless LED downlights from the Trilum brand were added on both sides of the communication zone. The colouring of the space according to the current mood is the task of the RGB LED strip placed in a plasterboard niche above the partition, where an elegant corner aluminum profile LC-1515 was used, which ensured perfect light scattering without unwanted shadows.


The second no less important space with a dominant dining table was indirectly lit with an LED strip in a plasterboard ceiling in a circular shape and in the middle was placed a pendant lamp in a dynamic-plastic shape from the brand Linea Light. The light comfort was completed by local illumination of the individual shelves in the cabinet assembly, which resulted in a subtle highlighting of the placed objects. Elegance and simplicity were the main priorities.


A characteristic feature of the corridor is the cleanliness of the space and the associated use of white. Recessed downlights Trilum of the same family as in the living room were used for spot lighting, only in a smaller version. This achieved a shape connection of individual spaces. Excessive cleanliness was optically interrupted by an oak shelf display case, where sandblasted glass was placed on the back wall and globally backlit with modern LED MATRIX technology. Due to difficult maintenance, this technology was the only choice, as it is the most reliable and maintenance-free solution for backlighting.


The type continuation of the selected lights was also in the bathroom part, where the recessed LED downlights of the TRILUM brand were also selected, only in a double version.