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A suite in the heart of the mountains

Illuminating a beautiful suite in the heart of nature was a beautiful challenge for us, as we could combine the inspection with a visit to a beautiful touristy area. The main goal of the lighting project was to bring as much natural light as possible to the suite in the mountains to give you the feeling that you are constantly outside in nature. At the same time, it was necessary to comply with the interior design and not disturb it with too bright lights.

  • Architect: APEX A s.r.o.
  • Implementing body: LEDCO s.r.o.
  • Date of implementation: 2017

Description of the arrangement

Because of the requirement to draw as much nature as possible into the interior of the suite, we decided to use the light foils mostly in the day part of the apartment and thus simulate the light as from the sky. The following notes were prescribed for the resulting soft lighting.

We started the lighting of the suite with the entrance hall itself, which looks very cramped. We used a light ceiling over the entire surface of the ceiling, which optically shot the space to infinite height. At the same time, the client gained optimal lighting for the wardrobe and also for themselves before leaving the building. With the furniture makers, we still had to work out the technical detail of fixing the stretched foil on the built-in wardrobe, which in the end was solved by the extra reinforcement of the upper wooden beam.

Day part

We then continued with the main living area of ​​the suite, which consisted of a spacious living room with a large window that enhances the contact with the nature, connected to the dining room and kitchen area. Here we also continued with minimalism and the use of light ceilings – Barrisol. We diversified the middle part with perfect frameless lights (trimless) from the company Deltalight. We hired daylight along the edges on the spot with the aids of light foils. Depending on the mood, or current events in the suite, the client can change the colour of the space with a built-in peripheral RGB lighting under the Barrisol.

In the kitchen, we focused on the perfect intensity of lighting, as it is a space without daylight (without windows). As in the hallway, we applied a light ceiling to the entire ceiling part, thus creating the impression of a skylight. Of course, under the kitchen came a LED strip in the ALU profile to complement the lighting of the worktop.

We have preserved the touch of nature in the rooms and we have solved the lighting with wooden lamps from the Slovak production of the brand Trilum. Tailor-made lights were adapted to the furniture part with an external surface treatment and thus perfectly harmonized the space.

The only detail for lighting of the suite was to finish the bathroom and toilets, where we used a proven combination of a mirror lamp from the ALU profile and a powerful LED strip.

We believe that this project has as pleasant an effect on you as it does on our design team.

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