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Modern LED lighting in an outpatient clinic

In cooperation with LIVING LIGHT, spol. s r. o. we implemented the lighting of the gynecological outpatient clinic. During the reconstruction of the outpatient clinic, the main focus was on patients to feel comfortable in contrast to the outdated areas of our medical facilities. The interior was complemented by wood, which gave the ambulance a bit of a homely atmosphere.

  • Project: LIVING LIGHT, spol. s r.o.
  • Implementing body: LEDCO s.r.o.
  • Date of implementation: 2019

We also wanted to create a pleasant atmosphere with quality lighting. Large windows contribute significantly to the illumination of the interior. Due to the weather and working hours, there is always a different requirement for the level of artificial lighting. Therefore, we chose dimmable LED lights in which the doctor sets the desired level of lighting with respect to the conditions. For example, in ultrasound examinations, the doctor in the outpatient clinic needs a relatively low level of lighting, but not darkness. Therefore, DALI dimmable lights are perfectly suited for this purpose.

The white LED lines fit inconspicuously into the clean room of the ambulance and the simple shape allows them to be easily cleaned. The used OSRAM LED modules with a high color rendering index and indirect lighting (towards the ceiling) only add to the quality of the lighting.

Thanks to the outpatient clinic DECKOV s.r.o. for the trust shown.

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