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Apartment house with Foscarini lamps

In cooperation with the A.dom studio and the architect Viskupičová, we developed a comprehensive lighting design for the apartment house, which took place through a complete reconstruction of the interior and exterior.

  • Architect: A.DOM
  • Implementing body: ELCOMP Nitra
  • Date of implementation: 2018

The main essential element of lighting in bedrooms, living rooms and common areas has become Foscarini lamps – the DIESEL design range. When choosing lights, we used the complete range of the brand from wall, pendant, to floor lamps. They tastefully complemented the interior in bright colours and their textile part of the shade only highlighted it. In the staircase part, we were forced to produce a wall bracket for hanging their lamp, as they did not offer a wall version of this series of lamps. Also in the common areas, we completed the stylish stand to the pendant lamp and turned it upwards.

We have created another functional lighting of the entrance and bathroom areas of the apartment units to measure from aluminium LED profiles. In the ceiling we used recessed ALU profiles and on the wall above the mirrors special double-sided wall ALU profiles. We selected suitable LED strips for them in various outputs.

For the evening, the so-called additional indirect lighting was created with high-quality LED strips under the wooden ceiling tiles, but also directly on the wooden beams in the attic rooms. Local illumination of cabinets and shelves was also not forgotten. The advantage of indirect lighting is light comfort without direct irradiation from strong light sources.

Another task was to create thematic illumination of wellness areas. As the building is located in the wine region and even in its area there are vineyards, the ceiling parts were designed from materials and shapes according to wine barrels. Indirect lighting with the help of LED strips was also used here, and we made the view of the ceiling part more pleasant with small LED points that imitate the starry sky.

In the exterior, the evening lighting was created using Philips exterior lights, in combination with wall lights and along sidewalks and driveways with pillar lights.

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