Nice housing 6/2013 – Strips that shine

In the June issue of the magazine “Nice housing” from 2013, our company also contributed to the article on LED lighting.
“In addition to wattage consumption, pay attention to the luminous flux reading when buying strips. While a luminous flux of approximately 260 lm per meter is sufficient to create an atmosphere, reach for a product with a value of about 520lm per meter for high-quality kitchen lighting. A more powerful strip. It is already slightly warm, the cooling is ensured by inserting it into the aluminum rail, which also fulfills an aesthetic function.The strips, which also offer light other than white, are referred to as RGB strips. color, its intensity or program the interval of change.In self-assembly, it is necessary to observe the correct connection and the permitted interval of strip distribution, which is in most cases every five to ten centimeters.Aesthetically not very nice if the light points themselves are visible. This can be eliminated either by placing the LED strip correctly or by using a suitable aluminum profile with a milk cover a team.”

Ing. Marek Palenčár (LEDCO s.r.o.)

You can read the whole article here Nice housing 6/2013 – Strips that shine

Príjemné a elegantné osvetlenie rodinného domu s led svietidlami
Pleasant and elegant lighting of a family house with LED lights