LEDcoMattrix® LED module with WAGO connector for Barrisol light ceilings

LED module for backlighting large areas – Barrisol, PMMA, Onyx

LED Matrix® LED module 24V for Barrisol light ceilings
LED Matrix® LED module 24V for Barrisol light ceilings

Matrix® LED lighting system is a novelty of LEDCO s.r.o. It is a newly developed LED module together with accessories, which is to be used for backlighting large areas or long lines. Large areas are, for example, the entire ceiling in the living room or commercial space, the decorative wall in the entrance hall, gallery or hallway. Many spaces illuminated in this way use, for example, Barrisol translucent plastic film, opal plastic with good light transmission and diffusion properties, various acrylic sheets to achieve color effects, or Onyx marble slabs with a partially transparent structure. The most beautiful effects and design “tweaks” can be made with Barrisol plastic film. With the right design of the structure, it is possible to achieve various shapes and especially large dimensions of continuous backlit surfaces. Large ceilings of large dimensions, shapes and colors can be created. Foils can be printed either with photographs or various shapes or logos, which can create a unique atmosphere of the interior. Ideal for attractive branding of corporate premises, exhibition stands, galleries or relaxation zones. Due to the saving of electricity and the often difficult availability in case of maintenance, it is advantageous to illuminate such areas with LED technology. It is for this purpose that our team of technicians designed and commissioned a comprehensive system of LED modules and supporting power profiles, which will facilitate and speed up the installation of lighting for such surfaces.

In essence, the mentioned LED system serves as a replacement for conventional light sources such as T8 and T5 fluorescent tubes, as well as for less sophisticated flexible LED strips and various cable or solderable modules. However, due to the significant disadvantages of conventional lighting methods, it is an ideal choice for a reliable and high-quality installation.


Raster LED system as a replacement for LED strips for Onyx and Barrisol lighting
Raster LED system as a replacement for LED strips for Onyx and Barrisol lighting

The intention of the entire LED Matrix® system is to relieve electricians of the need for soldering and lengthy and error-prone operation at the installation site. This increases the reliability of the entire lighting system as well as shortens the installation time and thus the cost of work. Supporting profiles are used to power the entire system, which are screwed into the bowels of the illuminated surfaces. These support profiles consist of a conductive layer on which there are electrically conductive nuts, which ensure the transmission of electric current to the individual LED bands through the screws. The interconnection of individual profiles is solved by means of quickly connectable mechanical WAGO connectors and connecting bridges (or common single-core conductors). You just push the profiles together in an instant, and you have a conductive connection without soldering. LED strips from the FR4 hardboard and the most modern LED chips are used as the light source. The printed circuit board is suitably dimensioned for the necessary heat dissipation from the location of the LED chip, which guarantees a very long LED life even without the need for additional cooling surfaces or aluminum strips. The LED modules (strips) are screwed transversely to the support profiles. The screws themselves secure the LED power supply. Like the profile power supply network itself, the LED profiles are connected using WAGO terminals (fast, reliable and without soldering). Another indisputable advantage of the whole system is the simple creation of the spacings of the LED strips themselves. Spacings are guaranteed by nuts on the supporting power profile. The individual nuts are 5 cm apart. The LED modules can therefore be screwed onto the support profile at intervals of 5, 10, 15 and more centimeters. You will not waste much time during assembly by laboriously measuring and marking individual positions.

WAGO LED connector - power supply connection to the LED module under Barrisol
WAGO LED connector – power supply connection to the LED module under Barrisol

LED modules are characterized by a high specific power of 155lm / W, which achieves extreme energy efficiency. Very reliable LED chips from a renowned manufacturer with a lifespan> 50,000h and good color rendering CRI> 80 are used. The matrix system achieves a luminous flux of up to 18,000 lm / m2 (at 50 mm intervals between LED modules). Alternatively, at larger spacings, the luminous flux values ​​are 9000 lm / m2 and 5,400 lm lm / m2. When connected in line, one module achieves a luminous flux of ~ 900lm / m at a power input of 5.9W. The design of the modules took into account the simplicity and efficiency of the system, and for this reason the whole system is built on a constant voltage of 24V DC. The advantage is very simple dimming with a wide range of available PWM dimmers, or with connection to various superior control systems. With the recommended connections, the current flow is very well distributed, which eliminates the decrease in voltage and luminosity of remote segments. Sophisticated thermal management guarantees long life and reliability of the entire system, as well as a low level of heat produced to the environment.

THIS SOLUTION IS SUBJECT OF INDUSTRIAL LEGAL PROTECTION. Here you can view the technical details of the LED Matrix® system and order individual components. In case of wholesale cooperation, please contact us at our telephone number or e-mail address.

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