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Rüdiger Paulmann opens his own sales agency for luminaires in 1968 based on his years of professional experience in the industry. One thing soon became clear to him: Nobody was offering decorative light bulbs. The most exquisite, beautifully shaped luminaires are sold with boring standard lamps.

Paulmann has been passionate about light for the best part of 40 years. That means for everyone at Paulmann: we make the perfect lights for our customers and for every room. All our lamps and luminaires live up to that promise. With more than 2,500 products and lighting systems, we assist our customers with great ideas, good advice and easy to follow assembly instructions, so that they can make their lighting dreams reality.

Paulmann Licht is a family-run company based in Springe, Germany. We also have offices, representatives and activities in around 40 countries worldwide.

Detlev Paulmann, Member of the Advisory Board, feels that good lighting is important for quality of life. He knows that there still is a lot of potential for bringing better light to people’s homes: “People depend on their eyes and therefore on light. Light doesn’t just brighten our rooms and assists orientation – it also affects our mood and well-being. That is why we see our products as much more than just components of stylish interiors. Light is what we do! Wir verbessern die Wohnqualität unserer Kunden.It is our mission to improve the quality of life for our customers. That is the guiding principle behind every new product.”