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LED Linear

LED Linear from LEDCO s.r.p. is a sophisticated lighting system for industrial halls, warehouses or commercial operations. Flexible solution including cabling, battery emergency power supplies, dimmable LEDs with various radiation characteristics.

By intelligently controlling the lighting, you can save more energy than just switching to LED technology itself.

LED luminaires offer more than 40% energy savings compared to conventional light sources and have a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours of lighting. This is approximately 5 times the lifespan of traditional lamps.

Flexibility is one of the key requirements of the automotive industry, warehousing and retail space. With our linear system, you know
very quickly adapt to new spatial or functional requirements. The surface of the whole system is very slightly rugged, without unnecessary grooves, which guarantees easy and thorough cleaning. Efficient LED luminaires generate relatively little heat compared to conventional lighting, which also saves on cooling costs and does not overheat spaces unnecessarily. The luminaires are structurally designed according to the standards for the food industry, ie without the content of glass parts and without the possibility of arbitrary release of components.