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Catalogue of LED strips and neon lamps COLORS.

Founded in 2008, HUACAI OPTO-ELECTRONICS CO. is a technologically advanced company specializing in LED lighting.

Under the brand name “COLORS”, it specializes exclusively in linear LED lighting solutions, where it strives to be the most influential and innovative brand of this type. COLORS insists on its independent research and development as well as independent management of intellectual property rights. It has built an advanced and stable product development system, quality control system, manufacturing supply chain, worldwide sales teams and sales representatives.

COLORS is also focusing on the future intelligent way of doing business, aiming to build a networked information system that will provide flexible products and customized services to our customers.

Trends in this area include flexible LED strips, “NEON Flex” silicone waterproof lighting and various modular pole solutions.

LEDCO s.r.o. is the exclusive distributor of the COLORS brand.