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Beghelli mainly manufactures emergency and industrial luminaires of various types, whether for ordinary interiors or for extremely demanding conditions. Smart lighting with automatic brightness adjustment.

Founded in 1982 by Gian Pietro Beghelli, the Beghelli Group is leader in Italy and Europe in the emergency lighting market; Beghelli group also operates in the sectors of energy saving lighting, electronic systems for domestic and industrial safety and  photovoltaic power production. The Beghelli leadership is based on the capacity to understand the market requirements;  through the years, the investments made on quality and Beghelli brand – known by the 92,2% of the Italian population (Doxa poll source) – concurred to the success of the Group in its traditional operating markets  thus representing a success guarantee for the launch of new products.

The R&D activity is essential for the Beghelli Group that allocates huge investments in it to develop technologically innovative products both from their functional and design features.  The research activity which permanently involves 15% of the company staff, is performed in the Group laboratories and experimental centres that take care also of the design, engineering, testing and certification of the production.