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Funded around 25 years ago near Venice, the company has its operations centers in Italy and in the United States and it is commercially present in approximately 90 countries all around the world.

The mission of Axolight is to combine the most contemporary lighting techniques with design and the artisanal manufacturing, typical of the best made in Italy.

Axolight realizes, in its factory in Scorzè – Venice, modern light fixtures and contemporary decorative lamps in many dimensions and for several intended uses. Multifunctionality and multidimensionality are among our most distinctive features.

Every single light design product, whether if it’s a standard or a bespoke production, is projected, developed, tested and assembled by hand respecting the best manufacturing processes typical of made in Italy.

All over the world, Axolight is recognized as a producer of high-end decorative light fixtures and it is considered, in its market niche, as one of the most technically reliable global partner for light design planners (designer lighting, architects, creators of every sort).

The recurring intended uses of the Axolight products, distinguishable for their performance and style, are several: hotel, small and large public places (malls, airports, theaters…), office buildings, bars, restaurants, and private homes.

Quality, functionality and elegance are distinctive traits of the designer lamps and light fixtures made by Axolight.

The company pays great attention to the choice of sustainable materials and processes, privileging metals, fabrics and glass.