Furnitrue and Housing Exhibition in Nitra 2014

After the successful year of the Furniture and Housing exhibition in Nitra 2013, our company decided to show its customers new LED technologies in the field of main and additional lighting. The motif and point of the exhibition stand was based on cleanliness and a simple line, without disturbing the structural parts of ordinary lamps.
LED recessed luminaires with a fixed plexiglass cover were recessed directly into the plasterboard walls, with no visible structural connection. Fixed LED modular systems for uniform backlighting of plexiglass shades were used for surface backlighting. The light quality was underlined by the high color rendering index CRI> 90 with the efficiency of the LED light source 110lm / W. The performance of the light source was dimmed via a 1 / 10V control and a dimmable driver. The luminaires also had a thematic mode, where they were illuminated around the perimeter by RGB LED bands, controlled via the DMX protocol and a DMX control panel from the renovated company NICOLAUDIE. The Wifi interface has expanded the control options to the ubiquitous smart smartphones and tablets.
A novelty in the field of light lines was also presented at the fair, where our workshop resulted in a solution in the form of ONLY a seven millimeter wide line made of an exceptional aluminum profile for ice strips and directly milled into plasterboard. The result is very elegant and unobtrusive LED lighting suitable for hallways, bathrooms and wardrobes. LED strips with quality CRI parameters> 80 are a full replacement for conventional lighting and take the possibilities of customers and designers one step further.
This year we also shared the exhibition stand with our partners APEX ARCH Bratislava, which only complemented the idea of ​​pure architecture.