ForArch Exhibition 2015 in Prague

Wooden luminaires at ForArch 2015 in Prague
Czech premiere of TRILUM wooden luminaires at the Czech construction fair ForArch 2015 in Prague.

In our exposition, novelties were exhibited in the form of a circular luminaire woodLED ROUND 900 in the lucrative design of Palisander Santos and the already known square variant of a wooden luminaire woodLED SQUARE 900 in a modern light oak. We showed Czech clients quality light with modern regulation suitable for any type of intelligent installation. It is a return to nature by preserving all the details of the structure of wood and its diversity.

We have realized the exhibition stand traditionally with the partner company DryCon as a reliable supplier of plasterboards and plasterboard prefabricates EasyBoard. On this occasion, we presented a combination of plasterboard prefabricated parts with line LED lighting in the form of recessed ALU profiles. The result was an elegant, detail-perfect lighting solution. By using only a 7mm aluminum strip in the milled groove, we have opened new solutions for elegant and subtle LED lighting. A slightly unreliable solution at first glance, with a fear of low intensity, but the result only proves the complete opposite, namely better quality and spatially homogeneous light than with conventional luminaires. The proof is the numerous realizations and satisfied customers.

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