ForARCH Exhibition 2014 in Prague

The premiere of our company at the prestigious Czech trade fair For ARCH Prague 2014, where the main goal was to get to know Czech customers and their view of lighting projects. The exhibition stand offered a presentation of our selected realizations and a few reference products. We explained to the visitors by expert consultation what advantages lie in the design of the lighting and any basic mistakes made to prevent its elaboration. The lighting project clearly defines the position, type and number of world sources with regard to the light comfort of the individual for each part of the building. Each customer will receive a special approach to knowing his ideas as accurately as possible and at the same time to be able to materialize his ideas into real dimensions.
On a small presentation panel, we presented our Vellnice brand as a sample, which offers modern luminaires with classic light sources, but also with modern LED technology.
The knowledge gained from the fair will experience our price in other lighting projects and, of course, again improve the quality of services for our customers.