ELECTRO-EXPO 2010 (Bratislava)

Exhibition ELEKTRO-EXPO 2010

International Fair of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Energy (29.9.-1.10.2010) At the fair, where lighting technology and progressive technology predominated, our company bet on the design side of the exhibition, which helped to address the general and professional public. A stylistically clean solution combined with the presentation of various types of LED luminaires, as well as the control system itself, was evaluated positively. One of the absolute novelties was the DMX control system using the STICK touch panel, which offers unlimited possibilities for stage control of individual lighting systems. The control support is performed by intuitive control software, with which it is possible to implement the created light scenes into the STICK control panel and then make full use of them. In addition to design innovations, accent LED lights were also presented to complete the family environment, which made sitting in our exhibition exposition much more pleasant. Ledco s.r.o.