Public and street LED lighting

LEDCO s.r.o. is dedicated to the design and implementation of street and public lighting with progressive and flexible LED technology, or with the use of discharge light sources. We focus primarily on economical operation and rapid return on public lighting projects.
From street lights, we especially prefer proven brands such as Philips, General Electrics, Lumenia, OMS, …
With LED street lighting, we can provide a warranty for 3 years, 5 years, or light and voltage source. And a 10-year warranty on the mechanical parts of the luminaire.
With the help of sophisticated electronics, it is possible to control the lighting system from one place. The monitoring device can be connected directly in the internal network (street lighting) or to an external network, which makes it possible to monitor the operating parameters of the lighting system, or change the parameters according to the requirements of the operator. The system can be switched remotely and its power parameters can be changed. The lighting operator can monitor, for example, the temperature of individual devices in the network via the appropriate program, which can detect certain anomalies and intervene without the need for visual and physical inspection of individual devices in the system.
Using a simple and clear software interface, it is possible to set the switching of individual parts of the street lighting depending on the time or information from the weather station. If necessary, it is possible to dim low-traffic sections at night. Side roads and sidewalks can be e.g. from 24:00 illuminated to 70%, from 3:00 to 50% and again in the morning at 5:00 to 70%.
The system can easily eliminate the problem of oversizing the lighting system to maintain the desired lighting throughout the life of the lamps. If the system is overestimated by 30%, and at the end of its life it will meet 100% of the lighting requirements, the system will simply set the luminosity reduction by an adequate value and will be added over time. In this way, you again save energy costs associated with oversizing the lighting system.
With such sophisticated street lighting control, your system can save considerable financial costs on electricity, which can only achieve 20-30% electricity savings by control. In combination with LED technology, you can in some cases even achieve 70% savings compared to outdated lighting systems.