lighting of office spaces and workplaces

Office lighting

Proper office lighting creates a friendly, pleasant atmosphere and has a positive effect on the well-being and working methods of employees. Especially when working with computers, the eyes are under constant stress. Uniform lighting combined with low glare protects employees from rapid fatigue and loss of concentration.
osvetlenie kancelárskych priestorov a pracovísk
It is advisable to respond to the constant movement of employees as well as the use of only some parts of offices at a given time with intelligent lighting, which saves energy costs as well as increases the comfort and concentration of employees. Use artificial light only where it is really needed, in case of sufficient natural daylight, do not waste electricity and simply reach for an intelligent system that, thanks to motion sensors and ambient light, responds to the conditions and provide the lighting you need.
osvetlenie kancelárskych priestorov a pracovísk
Modern office lighting can reproduce changes of daylight during the day. Luminaires can change the intensity of light and color temperature, which favorably affects the hormones in the body, which are responsible for alertness and concentration of the human body. Such lighting already exceeds the quality requirements given by the standard, but what you would not do for the well-being and subsequent performance of workers.
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