lighting of the shop, store, showroom and boutique

Lighting of shops, stores and boutiques

From a small boutique around the corner to large branded retail stores, they need a distinctive character and style for business success. Lighting
very effectively and stylishly completes the brand, its unmistakability and appeal. Creative design solutions create uniqueness and arouse curiosity.
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Car showrooms are a great eye attraction and in the event of a lot of competition, it is necessary to let the beautiful pieces stand out as best as possible and catch the eye of the passer-by.
osvetlenie predajne, obchodu, showroomu a butiku
The first look at the store must force you to enter or at least enjoy. Attractive shop window lighting will attract attention to the top products of your brand. For example, spot light sources or dynamic accent lighting. Equally important is the pleasant and friendly lighting atmosphere, which attracts visitors of the store, does not dazzle them (the sooner it scares off a potential customer), but at the same time attracts your eyes to products that shine with colors.
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Boutiques are characterized by frequent changes in the assortment and positions of exhibited goods. Thanks to flexible lighting solutions you can respond to all situations without any intervention from technicians or even with the need for any reconstruction of the lighting system.
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Ideal for stores are flexible track systems that allow variable shifting and replacement of individual luminaires. A wide range of optical and lighting properties will meet even the most demanding requirements. However, you move the lights, direct them, change the light cone, react by adding lighting when the customer arrives, create variable light scenes or play with colors. There are no limits to creativity in this segment.
An important part of the boutiques are changing cabins, where the quality of lighting plays a big role. Here, finally, the customer makes the most important decision: Buy? Yes or no? The most natural light is important with a very good and realistic color rendering.
osvetlenie predajne, obchodu, showroomu a butiku
The color properties and quality of lighting is no less important in food products, whether in the lighting of bakery products, fruits and vegetables, fish, or meat and dairy products. Each type of fresh goods asks for a different shade of white light, which makes the product stand out better and does not look dull on the counter.
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