lighting of industrial and production halls, plants, warehouses and exterior

Lighting of production halls and workplaces

In production areas, the light must first and foremost enable safe and error-free operation. For an industrial lighting solution, this means that a basic level of brightness with high uniformity and as few reflections and shadows as possible is a basic requirement. The more complex the task, the higher the intensity and quality of the light.
osvetlenie priemyselných a výrobných hál, závodov, skladov a exteriéru
In addition to general lighting, precision work requires special luminaires so that the relevant work can be carried out without any problems.
At the same time, Industrial luminaires must be suitable for particularly demanding environments due to heat, cold, dust or humidity. Adequate protection classes and materials ensure adequate and long-term use in industrial applications. Particularly strict regulations apply in the food industry with high hygiene and quality standards. We offer you industrial lighting that meets international standards (IFS), with particularly good rendering of CRI colors and protection against, for example, breakage and shattering.
osvetlenie priemyselných a výrobných hál, závodov, skladov a exteriéru
Our company offers you professional solutions from the renowned British manufacturer of luminaires THORLUX.
See the section on lighting for light industry or heavy industry with higher demands on environmental influences.
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