Lighting in medical facilities

Lighting in medical facilities

The diversity of the environment in medical facilities makes the lighting of such spaces a complex challenge.
In short, lighting of medical facilities must take into account the following requirements:


Appropriate lighting design, along with the right choice of luminaires, is essential to create an environment that will help the patient heal. The right environment can affect mood and perception, as well as critical chemical reactions in a patient’s body. The design of the luminaires must also take into account the possible spread of infections. Minimize horizontal surfaces to reduce dust deposits and facilitate cleaning and maintenance.
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The lighting must enable staff to perform visual tasks in the hospital from examination to night observation. Proper lighting can also improve employee well-being and help employees value their workplace.
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Healthcare organizations are committed to being leaders among sustainable and low-carbon organizations. It is not just about the environmental and financial policy of the health organization itself, but also about the choice of suppliers to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere.


The use of energy-efficient lighting can play a major role in reducing energy bills, with a typical return on investment of up to five years (in many cases even lower) for energy savings alone. The efficiency of maintenance is influenced by the selection of suitable luminaires by the adoption of LED luminaires and the technologies used, such as the error status of luminaires or easily replaceable components such as power supplies, optical elements or printed circuit boards with LEDs.


Lighting must contribute to the overall comfort of the environment, safety and quality for visitors. It can also help encourage a positive feeling from their visit.
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