lighting of educational facilities, schools and gyms

Lighting in educational facilities

The aim of good lighting in schools, whether artificial or natural, is not only to provide sufficient lighting to enable users to perform the necessary tasks, but also to contribute to the happiness and well-being of students and teachers. Most educational buildings, from primary schools to universities, contain a wide range of spaces, while each of them may require different lighting solutions.
osvetlenie vzdelávacích zariadení, škôl a telocviční
Lighting is the largest energy consumer in a school building, so reducing this energy burden must be a key goal of any project. The use of LED luminaires in combination with lighting controls can bring significant savings, especially in educational environments, where rooms are usually less used than in commercial areas and it is very difficult to place responsibility for energy consumption on pupils or teachers. The system must operate in part autonomously and with sufficient comfort.
osvetlenie vzdelávacích zariadení, škôl a telocviční
Our company offers you various solutions for lighting educational spaces, and one of them is a professional solution from a renowned British manufacturer of luminaires THORLUX.
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