LED tube - economical replacement for a linear fluorescent lamp

LED tubes – an economical alternative to linear fluorescent lamps

LED tubes are designed for direct replacement of obsolete neons (linear fluorescent lamps) with more energy-efficient long-life LED lamps. They are especially suitable for areas with a very long lighting time, or for switched circuits, where they bring a significant reduction in operating costs. Ideal for industrial halls, covered parking areas, commercial and office space and more.

After replacing old “neon” lamps with modern LED tubes, you can achieve energy savings of up to 60% and more. At present, LED tubes achieve an efficiency of more than 165 lm / W, which far exceeds the capabilities of fluorescent tubes. The economic return on replacing obsolete neons with LED solutions can even be less than 2 years. It all depends on several factors, especially the type of original lamps, reflectors, light diffusers and the chosen effective lighting system. One of the decisive parameters in the calculation of the return is the lighting time (number of lighting hours per day) and maintenance costs.

Our company is the exclusive distributor of some of the most advanced LED tubes in our market. They use LEDs from Epistar as a light source. They have excellent heat dissipation as well as very good light distribution. This is ensured by a high-quality polycarbonate diffuser (plastic cover) with a sophisticated shape to ensure a better directional characteristic than with commercially available tubes.

A high-quality power supply is a guarantee of trouble-free operation. A poor quality source is the “stumbling block” of cheaper solutions!

  • Available tubes with T8 sockets and lengths are 150cm, 120cm, 90cm a 60cm.
  • Supply voltage: 95 – 265V AC / 50Hz.
  • Lighting angle: 120°, 140° a > 230°
  • Average: 28mm
  • CRI Color Rendering Index: Ra> 80
  • In colors: cold white (5500K – similar to the classic color of fluorescent lamps, equivalent to 855), neutral white (4500K, equivalent to 845), warm white (3000K – approximately like a tungsten lamp, equivalent to 830)


LED tube - economical replacement for a linear fluorescent lamp
LED tube – economical replacement for a linear fluorescent lamp