LED strips – flexible lighting


LED stripscan be used for very creative lighting of interiors or exteriors. You can easily become a “designer” who will create an impressive atmosphere in your home.
Strips, for example, are an excellent alternative to “awkward” linear fluorescent lamps for plasterboard ceilings. Even a layman can easily assemble them. You do not need to install any lighting fixtures, install fixtures for fluorescent lamps, or speculate on the method of connection and ballasts. Simply stick the strip on the cleaned surface (preferably in an aluminum strip), connect it to a DC power supply and you’re done.

Flexible LED strips are made of a flexible printed circuit board (PCB – from the English Printed Circit Board) on which SMD LED diodes (surface mount devices) are soldered together with resistors (for impedance matching of circuits) .

The advantage of such strips is their:

  • easy installation,
  • very low consumption,
  • excellent luminosity,

  • low heat production,
  • very long service life and
  • flexibility,

which bring huge possibilities of using these strips.

LEDCO s.r.o. strips are characterized by high-quality workmanship. During production, we pay attention to the selection of quality components from renowned manufacturers, as well as to the precise “sorting” of LEDs, which achieves very small fluctuations in the color shades of diodes.
After mounting, each strip is tested for the correct connection, as well as for the color shade itself (color temperature in Kelvin).
We install flexible strips with so-called low-power SMD LEDs from the manufacturer Epistar. Diodes from reliable manufacturers are one of the most important factors in the reliability and efficiency of the strip. Our company mainly uses 2 type series, namely chips 3528 and 5050. Strips with the type of diodes 5050 have the same number of LEDs and almost twice the brightness (of course in this case also double consumption).

led_dioda_smd_5050_epistarThe strips are supplied mainly with DC voltage 12V (or voltage 24V). Thanks to the safe voltage, they are directly destined for versatile use without the need for additional cover. The strip can be dimmed using a special electronic device (dimmer -> dimmer), or when using a color (RGB) strip, it is possible to change the color of the light. Dimming of LED strips is based on the principle of power control frequency modulation with a sufficiently high frequency, to achieve a constant light without disturbing flashing effect. It is not possible to dim the LED strip with the triac controller without using the required module!
You can easily adjust the length of the strip to your liking. All you need is scissors or a knife and you yourself become the creator of unique lamps. The strip is divisible every 5 or 10 cm (depending on the construction of the strip). These are usually sections with 3 LEDs. The individual sections (group of three LEDs) are electronically interconnected in parallel. In the event of damage to one diode, the entire strip will continue to light, except for the section (5 cm) where the LED or resistor has been damaged.
The consumption of the LED strip depends on the type and number of LEDs used.
Usually the strips are delivered wound on a spool with a length of 5 m. A quality adhesive layer (from 3M) is applied to the back of the LED strip, which guarantees very easy installation on various surfaces. It is important to have a surface free of dirt and grease. The strips are connected to each other by a solder joint, or a mechanical clamp can be used, too. They can be combined into long units, but care must be taken with overload !!! When exceeding approx. 50W in one section, it is recommended to connect another strip independently.