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LED shelf lighting in the store

Linear lighting system from LEDCO s.r.o. is an ideal solution for economical and elegant LED lighting of shelves in a store or warehouse. The modular lighting system is very flexible, and offers several power variants and a wide range of optical modules. Thanks to which it fits into any space, whether in low aisles and corridors, or in high production halls and storage aisles.
Thanks to the very narrow optics, it can illuminate the space even from a height of more than 10 m, which is very inefficient with luminaires without an optical element or reflector. On the contrary, in low spaces, the situation often requires a wide radiating characteristic of the luminaire. In this case, we offer optical modules with wide-angle optics or asymmetric optics for the given system.
Asymmetric optics are suitable for lighting a shop with a relatively low ceiling and aisles with shelves. In such spaces, it is advisable to illuminate more intensive goods on sales shelves than the floor in the store. A special optical module directs light rays to the sides (on the exhibited goods) and with a lower intensity to the floor. In this way, the seller draws the customer’s attention to the exhibited products rather than to the store floor.

In the following simulations, you can see the intensity that can be achieved on sales counters using line LED lights with a power input of 45W and a length of 1500mm using double-sided asymmetric optics.

The optical diffuser can be replaced byLED luminaires, thus changing the way the luminaire itself is emitted. You simply direct the light where it is needed. Don’t pay for barren light, and use it only where it is needed.