LED bulbs – standard bases

LED bulbs are light sources with LED diodes, which are equipped with standard sockets (thread E14, E27, E40, bayonets GU10, terminals GU5.3 / MR16, G24, G9, G4, …) with a built-in power supply.
They are designed for direct replacement with conventional filament bulbs, halogen bulbs, or compact fluorescents. In most cases, you do not need to use additional power supplies for replacement. It is enough to replace the piece by piece and thus reduce electricity consumption.

With conventional light bulbs, we can replace, for example, a 60W tungsten light bulb with a 6W LED replacement, which means up to 90% energy savings! Compared to a conventional light bulb, the acquisition costs are very high, but in areas that require frequent lighting, the return on investment can reach even under 1/2 year! In addition, the lifespan of LED bulbs (sometimes up to 50,000 hours) is much longer than with outdated technologies (1000-5000 hours).
As an example we can take a restaurant where 100 pcs of 50W halogen dots with a GU10 base are used. As a replacement, we will choose a spot LED bulb with comparable light output but with a consumption of only 4W. The restaurant is lit all day from 10:00 to 24:00 (14h per day), 7 days a week. The price for 1kWh of electricity is ~ 0.2 €.

Halogen spot bulbs 100xGU10 50W:
power consumption: 100 [pcs] x 50 [W] = 5000 [W] -> (5kWh)
electricity costs / 1 day: 14 [h] x 5 [kWh] x 0.2 [€ / kWh] = 14 €
LED spot bulbs 100xGU10 4W:
power consumption: 100 [pcs] x 4 [W] = 400 [W] -> (0.4kWh)
electricity costs / 1 day: 14 [h] x 0.4 [kWh] x 0.2 [€ / kWh] = € 1.12
savings for 1 day of operation: 12.88 [€]
savings for 1 month: 386 [€]
savings for 1 year: 4600 [€]
cost of purchasing light sources: 100 [pcs] x 20 [€] = 2000 [€]
return on investment: 2000 [€] / 12.88 [€] = 155 [days] = 5.2 months !!!
As a result, you can save more than € 20,000 in 5 years only by replacing them without having to constantly replace burned-out light bulbs.
Are you not convinced yet? Ask us for an energy audit and we will tell you how much you can save by streamlining your lighting system.