Aluminum profiles for LED

Aluminum profiles for LED strips and fixed modules. Aluminum accessories together with a plastic diffuser (diffuser cover) are a suitable accessory for LED strips and LED modules. It is very easy to create luminaires adapted to the specific application from the slats.
The aluminum profile serves not only for decorative and protective purposes, but also ensures heat dissipation from LED modules and strips to the surrounding environment. A suitable combination thus ensures a trouble-free and long service life of LED diodes and their color fastness.

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The LED strip is cut into any lengths and shapes as required. It is installed, for example, above kitchen counters, in wardrobes, in paving and tiling, display cases, or as transition profiles. The LED profile can be recessed into the grooves or plasterboard without any problems, thus effectively illuminating the interior.
Suspended line luminaire with a length of, for example, 10 m, or a long illuminated decorative line next to the wall, backlit stairs or advertising signs. LED profiles are predestined for such applications.